Proper Care for Marble Slabs in Toronto Kitchens Means Long-Lasting Elegant and Sophisticated Design

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Wondering about the care required for marble slabs? Toronto buyers who know more about marble’s natural properties can make informed decisions when upgrading their kitchen.

Sophisticated Design

Of all the natural stones, marble is the most elegant and sophisticated. For centuries, marble has adorned palaces of kings and queens as well as in some of the most famous buildings around the world. Artists have used marble to create timeless sculptures and other works featured in prominent museums. Adding marble to your kitchen allows you to offer and air of classic sophistication throughout the room through its unique design. No two slabs of marble are the same, so using marble slabs for floors, countertops and backsplashes will offer individual style. Buyers should not use samples when selecting marble slabs. Toronto show rooms give their customers an opportunity to look at the entire slab before purchasing – allowing them to see the big picture when designing!  Understanding marble and the properties of this natural stone will allow buyers to make informed decisions when shopping for their dream kitchen!

A Canvas for Nature’s Art

Marble is quarried in large sheets of rock called slabs. These slabs have natural aesthetic features, including patterns and vibrant colours. You can think of these slabs as nature’s canvas for a beautiful work of art. The larger slabs are cut down into thinner, more manageable sheets for consumers. It’s easier for installers to line up slabs for flooring, counter tops or backsplashes compared to using different tiles to get the same striking visual impact.
Unlike many other natural stones, marble can take a high polish. While it does not have the same shine to it like quartz or granite, marble has a very smooth finish to it as a result of its polish. Polishing will also bring the colouring in the stone out more, almost popping out of the marble itself to catch the eye. As a result, polished marble is very slippery, so buyers should be wary when using it as flooring material.

Understanding Marble and its Care

When buying marble slabs, Toronto buyers should know about marble’s properties. Although dense and heavy, marble has some characteristics that may impact its care and maintenance.
  • Marble is softer than granite, quartz or ceramics. It is more susceptible to scratches as a result. Marble must be sealed to protect it from damage. It must be resilient enough to withstand high traffic areas.
  • Because it is very porous in nature, marble can soak up stains easier than other natural stones. It can be used for countertops or floors, but again, it must be sealed consistently to do so.
  • Due to its "softness”, marble is often used for walls, mantelpieces or fireplaces as well. Using marble on accent pieces like these really offers a unique design feature for any living room.
  • Marble is very expensive. Making mistakes when installing marble is very different from installing tiles or mosaics, and the do-it-yourself handy person may want to avoid trying to do the job themselves. Work with a fabricator for best results. These are professionals who are trained in installing natural stones.
The selection process for choosing marble is easy. Buyers visit a showroom and select their slab of marble. They independently contact a fabricator, who will work with the buyers to install the marble slabs for their intended purpose. The fabricator will contact the showroom to order the marble slabs. Toronto natural stone companies will not recommend a fabricator for the customer as it could lead to a conflict of interest. Toronto marble slab buyers will need to procure their own fabricator and decide with them how it will be used in their home design.
Once installed, marble is quite easy to maintain.Using a sealer specifically for marble is very convenient; simply spray the sealer onto the marble countertop and use a clean, white cloth to spread the sealer evenly across the counter or surface. The sealer will soak into the counter and, after about five minutes, rub and wipe away any remaining sealer. With proper maintenance, marble slabs will last a lifetime and add an air of luxury to any room in your home!